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"Thank you for speaking honestly, openly, sincerely and courageously about
addiction, brokenness, our sinful human condition and the healing
that we have in our Risen Lord."

Heal Deeper, Love More and Uplift Others

Talk with Music / Keynote Concert about finding healing from past abuse, embracing God's love and accepting His call.
"Life-changing messages... Have rarely seen the kind of courage and spirit
she shared with this audience. I am so honored to have been there…
- Patty Nowell, Orlando FL

In this music and speaking event I share my personal journey of getting stuck in the cycles of emotional pain and how I finally broke out of them.

Despite a life-changing encounter with God I experienced as a young woman that brought me faith and healing, I struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. Hiding my insecurities and my brokenness caused me to almost lose my marriage.

I share how working with survivors of abuse and trauma helped me to heal deeper. In this presentation I help others to uncover the core issues that often prevent us from accepting God's love, grace and life-giving joy. I use music, contemplative prayer, and insight I gained from my work as a holistic coach and volunteer-mentor at the TN State Prison.

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Emmanuel - the Story of Christmas

A Story of Longing to Believe...
​I reluctantly went [to Tajci's concert] and as I sat in the church... her voice and song captured my ears and mellowed my thoughts...
and the presence of God entered my heart!
-Tom, Cincinnati OH

If you can only attend one event during the Holiday Season, this is the one that you, your children and your parents will all enjoy.

I take the audience on a journey through the events that preceded the birth of Jesus from a viewpoint of a child laying under the Christmas tree and hearing it for the very first time.

The music arrangements are breathtaking and the songs are gentle, filled with grace and mystery - which really is a shift from the usual hustle and bustle of Advent (Christmas) season.

I really enjoy performing the music of Emmanuel.

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I Thirst - Lent as a Turning Point

Reflection on Crucifixion Story with a Focus on Renewal of Life
     When Tajci sings... it's not just being drawn into the dangerous last journey of Jesus -
it's also being drawn into how Tajci holds the audience breathless.
- Fr. Dan Pisano

What if Lent could really be a turning point?

I always loved the challenge to take 40 days and 'go into a dessert' and do some soul-searching and surrendering. But it can seem impractical and even impossible especially in today's world where we are connected to technology 24/7 and expected to be available all the time.

I Thirst concert experience has always been a powerful reflection on suffering of Jesus that brings healing to us. I expanded it into an exploration on what active part do we play in the Way of the Cross, so we can experience the renewal and joy of Easter. 

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