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Tatiana "Tajci" is an award-winning music artist, published author and inspirational speaker, passionate about helping people through life's transformations. She is a holistic life coach certified through Radiant Health Institute. Her credits include reaching a status of a pop superstar at the age of 19, having a doll made in her likeness, presenting 1,000+ keynote concerts, producing/hosting TV show "Waking Up in America" and blogging on HuffPost.

We recently had the distinct pleasure of having Tatiana “Tajci” Cameron be part of the TriHealth addiction program entitled Music, Healing and Transformation, an Opportunity of Hope for the Opioid Crisis.

As Medical Director of our Alcohol and Drug Program, I was amazed by her gift of engaging the audience on an emotional level. Her songs and inspirational speaking took everyone in the audience on the longest journey of their lives–from their head to their hearts. Tears flowed abundantly as her music touched the hearts of those suffering from addiction or of those having lost loved ones to the opioid crisis. She weaved her songs and inspirational speaking into a healing balm that transformed the hearts of those around her.

I would highly recommend Tajci for your next program. You will not be disappointed!

Dr. Raymond H. Hellmann
Medical Director, TriHealth

Topics Tajci Speaks On

personal transformation - spiritual healing - relationships - holistic and authentic living - overcoming anxiety and depression - women's issues (abuse, rape, healing, self-worth) - faith journey​

Watch One Of Tajci's Interview Features

​From the She's Making an Impact Podcast

I was blown away by Tajci's performance...presentation and song and deep, life-changing messages...I was crying by the second song. Have rarely seen the kind of courage and spirit she shared with this audience. Grown men were crying...

Coach & Artist


Tajci's programs include a unique blend of music and motivational speaking. While they all include music, some of them can also be delivered as straight talks. They're great for conferences, universities, women's conferences and retreats, fundraisers and more. 


In our times of division, uncertainty and fear, we all desire a change. In this presentation, Tajci offers her own experiences about how the personal healing from trauma (and false beliefs) leads to more love and compassion, which then empowers us to be the change we want to see in the world. (This is a #metoo story.)

Music style: Acoustic Singer/ songwriter


Catchy, well-crafted melodies and topical pop lyrics of Tajci's original songs about marriage and relationships; funny real-life situations that make us laugh; and encounters of deep love tell the story of a struggling marriage with a redemptive ending. Just because love doesn't look like a Disney fairy tale, it still wins in the end.

Music style: Indie Pop, Singer/ songwriter


Tajci shares what helps her to create change in her life and handle some serious challenges. From courageously leaving a pop career behind and moving to the United States; through years of struggling with depression and anxiety; to facing her husband's battle with cancer and his passing, Tajci offers an insight and solutions she learned from world's religions, spiritual teachers and science. 

Music style: Indie Pop, Singer/ songwriter

Music Shows


An hour and a half filed with laughter, heart-felt songs, courageous honesty and soulful joy. Tajci performs her originals and creative renditions with an European twist, of favorite standards like "Those Were the Days" and "Will the Circle Be Unbroken."

Indie Pop, Americana, Gypsy​


Four artists, singer/songwriters sing and tell the story of four women in search of balance and self-discovery in a hectic, self-centered world. This shod gets sold out every time and it's perfect for girlfriends' night out. Clean, uplifting, fun and moving. 

A Musical Without Sets and Dancers


Faith based Music & Story meditation on suffering and healing


Tajci is one of rare female vocalists that can take you back to an era of Hollywood's Golden Age. This show compiles some of the greatest songs ever written. Tajci sings fantastic arrangements of "The Very Thought Of You", "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" and "You'll Never Know."

Jazz and Show Standards (Trio or Big Band)


Beautiful concert featuring familiar carols and Tajci's original that tells the story of Christmas.

Tajci's Story...

Tajci's credits and successes are many, but what makes Tajci a powerful speaker/ performer is her deeper experience of life, success, spirituality, struggles and healing. Here's her story:

My passion is helping others find a way OUT of fear and INTO the beauty and truth of who they really are. 

When I was a teenage girl the world taught me that I was too weak to protect myself from the abusers and bullies and that the only way to deal with my feelings of fear and shame was to stay silent. From that point on I mostly used my voice to sing. Music allowed me to connect with people and at the same time stay safe.

At the age of 19, I became a pop superstar (in my native Croatia) and I was made into a doll. The doll was a beautiful, picture-perfect shell that millions of people loved and adored. But it also became my prison in which the imperfect, broken and scared 'me' was stuck.

My best friend knew I was dying inside and she set up for me a meeting with God. I grew up in Communism and I was scared of whom I would meet. It was Love that showed up. Love that loved the ME inside and healed all that had been broken in me. I wanted Love to stay with me.

I let that God (who was Love) fill me with courage and guide me as I left my successful career to come to America. The land of the free and the home of the brave was where I thought I too would learn to be courageous and free to re-discover and restore who I was.

But pretty pictures of the (fake) American dream posted on many loud 'billboards' and signposts along my path offered a new 'safe' place in which I could hide my shame, guilt and fear to speak my truth. I found myself once again putting up a great front in order to 'fit in' while inside I was fighting with depression, anxiety and my husband.

I felt I was stuck in a repeating pattern, a circle, a pretty carousel unable to get off.

Nothing changed and nothing helped until I turned inward and began to peel off the many layers of other people's definitions of success and happiness. I identified the lies I accepted about myself and as I worked through them I began to heal.

In the core of 'me' I met Love again - capable of loving, healing and uplifting others.

I understood that Love to be the Source of Life; Creator of all visible and invisible; the strength that helps us get out of our unhealthy patterns and prisons of fear, shame, guilt and anger; the Grace that always has our back, so we can show up with confidence to make a difference in our world.

This is what I write about, speak and sing about and coach.

Visit my page Tajci.net or check out my Social Media for my music and more details.

With love,

Tajci's books available on Amazon and other major online booksellers:

Turning Points Book Cover

Turning Points

25 Gifts for Christmas

In Other People's Words...

Tajci put down her roots in a country that is itself in an identity crisis in which the "American Dream" is for many just another empty promise. Tajci uses her incredible musical gifts, story, and an open, honest heart to challenge her audience to look inside where each of us will find our authentic self.

Artist, Franklin TN

When we scheduled Tajci Cameron to speak, we were very hopeful she would be what we were looking for. What we experienced was far beyond what we had dared to hope for. From the moment she took the stage, the entire room was captivated. 250 women and girls were silent, hanging on every word and every note.

Event Organizer, College Station TX

...it was truly inspiring. Your message reflected ALL that I have been learning about on my own... finding joy WITHIN and finding that inner light… waking up… We are all brave, powerful beings, aren't we?! We just forget until angels and muses are sent to help us remember. That is you for sure. Thank you, thank you.

Event Organizer, Austin TX

Recent appearances:

      • ​Storytellers Museum and Johnny Cash Hideaway Farm - Bon Aqua, TN
      • ​Advent Tea - Naperville, IL
      • "The Sister Accord - Tea Party," Nashville, TN
      • ​"Be Your Story" Women's Conference, Wilmington, OH
      • KY Federation of Business and Professional Women, Bowling Green, KY
      • "Happy, Healthy, Hot Mom Summit" attended by 20,000+
      • SPOILT Nashville - event for women entrepreneurs
      • Noteably Nashville Fund Raising Fashion Event, Nashville, TN

"I love connecting with people through live
events and keynote concerts/presentations."


I am grateful for the chance to support and work with these non-profits:

EndSlaveryTN (to end all human and sex trafficking);

Better Decisions (I help mentor inmates at TN state prison);

Thistle Farms (restoring lives of women survivors of sex trafficking, addiction, abuse and prostitution);

Nashville Peacemakers (working to end homelessness, youth violence and sex trafficking);

Portal Dobrote in Croatia (helping underprivileged children.)