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Career Change and Valuable Advice from Oprah

Career Change and Valuable Advice from Oprah

Scott Wilcox’s career change was triggered by a middle-school students he was teaching. Encouraged by the feedback from fans and advice from Oprah, Scott is now a music influencer in Wisconsin. “Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 5 Download as podcast: on iTunes Read the blog: Full transcript: Click here —– THIS SHOW IS PARTIALLY FUNDED BY Patrons […]

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Waking Up On (and FOR) Christmas

Waking Up On (and FOR) Christmas

This Special Christmas Episode of “Waking UP in America” is packed with amazing guests, gift ideas, beautiful music and featuring an awesome Country music singer and actor Waylon Payne

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New Year’s Day Intentions

New Year’s Day Intentions

This New Year’s Day say goodbye to that which you don’t need, that which clutters your soul & set your intentions with confidence, faith and grace. And then sing “Auld Lang Syne” with us (subtitles are provided in case you don’t remember the words). Season 1 – Episode 40 Two New Year’s Days – a year apart On New Year’s […]

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