Two dads Kevin Black and Dave Clements working for a cause – to find cure for Rett Disease.

After country singer Kevin Black lost his daughter to the complications of Rett syndrome, his friend and photographer Dave Clements decided to inspire artists throughout the globe to raise a hand for cure.

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 9
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I’m Raising My Hand For A Cause With These Two Texas Dads

People who have survived tremendous pain all say the same thing: healing begins the moment when, instead of fighting, we lean into it. Embracing pain – without resistance – creates just enough of a movement to set the pain in motion. Once it moves, it’s no longer stuck and growing inside. Instead it flows freely and loses its grip.

I first heard about Rett Syndrome from Julia Cole, an up-and-coming singer/ songwriter from  Nashville who I featured on my TV series, Waking Up in America.

She told me about ‘two friends from Texas,’ country singer/songwriter Kevin Black and photographer Dave Clements. They published a book called Raising a Hand – a Photographic Music Festival With a Cause to raise awareness and funds for Rett Syndrome research.

Their story is one of experiencing tremendous pain, sharing it and turning it into hope and healing for many others.

When a copy of Raising a Hand arrived in the mail a few days later, it felt like an invitation to pause, set my business aside, and connect into the love, pain and the hope it represented. Beautifully bound with heavy covers and glossy paper, the book felt sacred.

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1:50 – what is Rett Syndrome?

4:44 – the moment in which Dave and Kevin’s stories merge

7:23 – Dave didn’t numb the pain he felt for his friend. Instead he did this.

8:52 – “Raising a Hand “book is for Rett research and awareness

13:04 – Kevin Black tells about parent’s pain of losing their child

16:02 – Kevin’s turning point

20:09 – one word answers

22:35 – “A Tear For You” – performance by Kevin Black


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Raising a Hand for a Cause with Dave Clements and Kevin Black on WUIA Raising a Hand for a Cause with Dave Clements and Kevin Black on WUIARaising a Hand for a Cause with Dave Clements and Kevin Black on WUIA

Filmed at OGalleryart in Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

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