Today I’m talking to MEGAN McINNIS, executive director and president of Doing Good, a terrific non-profit organization that has recently started producing a TV show which enhances and compliments their message. It features volunteers who make a difference in other people’s lives throughout the world and who flourish in the enjoyment that comes from giving. Megan and I talk about what shifted her into inspiring and empowering people to impact our world.

Season 2 – EP 27

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How Volunteering Can Help the World (And You)

I met Megan McInnis, founder of Doing Good, a brand new 501c3 non-profit organization based in Nashville, TN at the 2015 Nashville Film-Com event. I was drawn to her booth by the giant thumbs-up logo supporting the message of Doing Good.

Telling stories of people who are doing good in the world is my cup of tea, and I firmly believe that there can never be too much uplifting and inspirational content in the media. I love stories of real people doing awesome things; especially awesome things that everyone can do, but that we all forget to talk about because they always get overshadowed by big heroic stories which we love, but usually can’t duplicate.

Megan’s idea behind the television show also named Doing Good is to provide a platform featuring everyday volunteers and their stories, also serving as a resource and encouragement for anyone who doesn’t know where to start or who finds themselves feeling that they aren’t doing ‘enough.’

Find out what was the awakening moment that inspired Megan to create and launch Doing Good.

Find out what was the awakening moment that inspired Megan to create and launch Doing Good.


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