Catholic priest fr. Mike Maning talks about the joy and God’s love for every person regardless of their faith, and his work that supports that belief

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 12
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4:59 – how Fr. Mike became a priest

5:51 – about prison ministry

8:35 – Fr. Mike’s love for the church

10:15 – about stories on the women of the Old Testament

11:39 – how fr. Mike’s TV ministry has helped him to spread the message of Love and Compassion

13:35 – Jesus and the marginalized

14:32 – moment of deep love

18:25 – failure and Jesus

20:09 – moving from scrupulous to compassionate

25:02 – What is music to Fr. Mike?

26:06 – Tajci sings “I Failed Again”

FILMED at WORDNET TV Studios in San Bernardino, CA

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  • Wonderful interview!!! Embrace who you are in your failures, challenges, and shortcomings and in the depths of your pain and suffering, STOP and experience the PRESENCE of love and acceptance for who YOU ARE…..this is God, Jesus and Holy Spirit saying I love you.