Healed, She Went to Get Her Sisters From the Streets (with Regina Mullins) - Waking Up In America

Regina Mullins, a former prostitute whose life was restored by Magdalene Program at Thistle Farms in Nashville, talks about her turning point.

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 15
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Experience Levi Hummon’s song “Wildflower & Roses”

Levi Hummon is the son of Becca Stevens, founder of Thistle Farms. He wrote “Wildflower and Roses” – inspired and dedicated to the women of Thistle Farms.

Levi Hummon singing Wildflower & Roses

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2:37 – “a lot of us we don’t know what love is.”

5:20 – raised in church, began to ‘hate church’ but her mother voice always rang in her mind and heart

6:05 – promiscuous, pregnant at 16, Regina thought she had made God so mad that there was no way back to God.

8:26 – shame and guilt overcomes Regina

8:44 – Regina’s answer to “Why did you keep your son?”

9:49 – what led Regina into addiction and abuse

11:52 – Jail was like deliverance – a chance to start over. And an answer to a prayer.

14:54 – scared to go back to the old lifestyle after prison… Regina receives an invitation.

16:42 – restoring trust through showing unconditional love

21:06 – One Word Answers

22:17 – email question from Ana from Germany

25:23 – “Wildflower & Roses” by Levi Hummon


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Filmed at “O” Gallery in Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

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