Empowering Lives Through Fitness and Health (with Tash Weddle) - Waking Up In America

This episode is packed with practical tips on health and fitness.

A personal transformation inspires coach Tash Weddle to work with low-income women and help them change their lives through fitness and wellness training.

This episode is packed with practical tips on health and fitness.

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 6
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Through Health and Fitness to Making Big Life-Changes

Tash Weddle, president and CEO of The New Beginnings Center in Nashville, TN holds the distinction of Master Strength Coach. Her dedication to excellence and the drive to succeed brought her a dream career, but she needed more to be truly fulfilled. Today she works with high paying clients as well as low-income women in helping them to live healthy, balanced and happy lives.

In this episode we talk about emotional eating, addictions, steps to establish a healthy routine and making health a priority.

Tash’s long time friend and client, Nashville based singer/ songwriter Kat Hunter sings her beautiful original “Second Wind”


3:09 – As a college athlete on full scholarship, Tash’s injuries end up in emotional eating

5:04 – People change for two reasons…

7:17 – Tash finds her empowerment.

8:39 – With help of a friend Tash founds New Beginnings Center

12:10 – Tash’s program gets great results

14:13  – Steps to better health – changing one habit at a time

18:10 – It’s not about the food, or exercise… it’s about the lack of self-nurturing behaviors

20:45 – Email Question from the audience

22:15 – One Word Answers

23:26 – Kat Hunter and Tash introduce the song

25:43 – Kat Hunter sings “Second Wind”

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