NY Times Bestselling Author Robert Hicks draws inspiration from the American Civil War as a turning point to write about love, loss and redemption.

How do we move away from the collective memory of pain caused by wars and past conflicts – that’s the topic of this episode of Waking Up in America, with Robert Hicks.

His new book ‘The Orphan Child” comes out in September 2016.

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 7
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Civil War as a Turning Point

“You only have two ways to respond to bad things that have happened in your life: you can either be bitter and angry and out trying to get revenge, or you can somehow want to make the world better,” says NY Times Bestselling Novelist Robert Hicks in this episode of Waking Up in America. Robert writes about love, loss and redemption, in the setting of the American Civil War, about which he says was an important turning point in history.

Thomm Jutz, Nashville based songwriter/ producer performs “Hallowed Ground” from the acclaimed “The 1861 Project.”



5:57 – Why the Civil War is Important

7:40 – Robert explains why he loves to write about love, loss and redemption

10:10 – “You should never move away from history…”

16:54 – “loss and gain, happiness and sorrow, all of it is a part of a rich fabric of who we are, of who we can be.”

19:27 – Email Question from Brian from Nashville

20:35 – Email Question from Tomislav from Osijek, Croatia

22:17 – One Word Answers

23:36 – Robert Introduces songwriter and producer Thomm Jutz

25:16 – Thomm Jutz performs “Hallowed Ground” from “The 1861 Project”

Some of My Favorite Quotes From This Episode:

Robert Hicks Civil War2Robert Hicks - Love, Redemption and Civil War1  Robert Hicks Civil War4

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  • Robert Hicks has moved me forward! I am so grateful to those who made so many sacrifices so that I can be a freer person today. I have been inspired to learn more about the American Civil War and am really looking forward to visit the battlefield in Franklin.