We interrupt our regular programing to bring you this special video 🙂

Meaningful conversations between parents and children are wonderful opportunities to create Turning Points – in your life, your children’s and your family’s dynamic. I am honored that Huffington Post asked me to join their project #TalkToMe and grateful that they initiated it.



“How did you know that tata (‘dad’ in Croatian) was the right guy for you?” my 10 year old son Blais asks in this short interview.

We have meaningful conversations often in our family – as often as we (or more accurately ‘they’) talk about stuff like historic and fictional battles from various books or famous movie quotes.

I have three sons and a husband who are all boys – but who have been listening to my stories and thoughts about love, emotions and spirituality since they were infants in my arms. They are able to talk about feelings and about complicated ‘soul’ stuff…

Those are some of the most powerful bonding times in our family (usually happen around our kitchen table where we serve delicious homemade meals.)

So, when Huffington Post invited me to be a part of this project which is meant to trigger meaningful conversations between parents and children, I didn’t have to prepare at all. Blais and I rolled my computer built-in camera and he began to ask his five great questions…

Enjoy the video, and have a meaningful conversation with your child – or parent! (and don’t be afraid to do it… be honest, opened and courageous)


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  • Great conversation between Tajci and Blais. I really look back on my life and treasure those talks with my own children. They are precious moments that help us bond together through love. Good job!