I went to Bon Aqua, TN to rehearse for an upcoming show and got to hear Mark Alan Cash and David Langley perform at the Storyteller’s Museum. The great music, real and raw life stories shared through songs, lots of emotions and a German visitor reminded me why we need to attend (and if you are a musician, play) more live shows.

Check out:
Storytellers Museum at http://storytellersmuseum.com/
Mark Alan Cash at https://www.facebook.com/markalancash/
David Langley at https://www.facebook.com/davidlangleymusic/

Why We Need Live Music

If you have a chance, go find a live show – theater or a concert. Watch real people in front of you pour their heart and soul into telling a story. While the stories may be fictional, the emotions those artists feel are real. When we are able to connect and engage with them, we get to experience a new feeling too. We allow ourselves to feel more, deeper and even break up some of the hardness that might have built up around our hearts.

Last weekend, our son Blais was performing in Les Miz. He was Gavroche. I sat in the audience, feeling the despair, the courage, the fear, the hope and the redemption of the characters before me. I felt richer at the end of the show. Changed. Better. (Despite the headache I got from crying.. LOL)

Then on Thursday, I went to the Storytellers Museum to rehearse for an upcoming show. Before my rehearsal, I watched Mark Alan Cash perform his and his uncle’s songs for a handful of German visitors.

Mark is Johnny Cash’s nephew. But more importantly he is an amazing artist and songwriter himself. I listened to him as he poured his life into the songs – real, raw, without hiding anything. And once again, when it was over, I was filled with more Love and more understanding.

When we are moved and our hearts expand, we are able to handle the struggles and hardships life brings us.

When we connect with other people in their pain, we know we aren’t alone in ours. When we feel the love and healing someone else’s found, we are able to experience the same.

Watch this video about the Storytellers Museum in Bon Aqua, TN – it’s a place where Johnny Cash had his hideaway farm and now is a place that people from all over the world come to visit. They all say there is something deeply spiritual and very special about it. (Going to experience music is a great ‘external shift’ that brings an opportunity for a big inner transformation…)

After you watched the video, check out Mark’s music (just find him on YouTube) – especially his song “Uncle Johnny.”

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