Season 1 – Episode 24

Great chocolate is both healthy and delicious – Cathy Bouchard, owner of Le Chocolat du Bouchard is a chocolate connoisseur who talks about many benefits of cacao.

More about Le Chocolat du Bouchard at:
(and when you are there, order some of their Chocolate Regimen – it’s awesome!)


Ah… the chocolate!

I can easily give up a lot of things. Chocolate is NOT one of them.

Over a decade of touring and living out of a suitcase (really a small carry-on size bag), I learned to reduce the ‘stuff’ I needed down to an absolute necessities.

But no matter how small my bag, or purse gets, it has to have room for chocolate – a small tin of cacao nibs or a few dark chocolate truffles handmade in my favorite chocolate shop.

It’s not because I’m addicted to chocolate, but because a great hi-quality chocolate was not something I could pick up at the gas station or at Target (now it’s getting better…)

More on my blog: Five Things I Love About Chocolate

Song featured in this episode is “You Didn’t Know”
Music and Lyrics by Tajci
(c) 2013 Tajko Music (BMI)
Arranged and Produced by Dragan Chachinovic “Chach” in NYC

Featured on AWAKEN CD…

Music Video:…

Tajci’s Wardrobe: The Secret Ingredient
Location: “Le Chocolat de Bouchard”
Croatian and English Subtitles: Marijeta Matijas
Serbian Subtitles: Ivan Kalauzovic

Spend a few moments learning more about the benefits of Chocolate – just Google “chocolate health benefits” and look for trustworthy sites with scientific researches.

Buy some 70% or higher chocolate and share with a friend. Be happy!

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