Season 1 – Episode 38

Sometimes we rush so quickly through the holidays – re-creating past family traditions and creating new beautiful ones for the future – that we lose the awareness of the present moment and the moments that are the real presents. Featured in this episode is my favorite movie moment and “How I Love the Christmas Season” song about preparing for the holidays.

“How I Love the Christmas Season”
Written by Tajci

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  • I actually took time to watch you today. Is that a “set” or your home? You are still so very cute. What would we do without our little old smart phones or gadgets. It’s always nice to hear you every once in a while. That reminds me…I will have to play that song of yours on my show !! How I Love the Christmas Season….
    Good seeing you. Keep up the good work.
    Tim Strews

  • Very precious and heartfelt–I adore Mary Poppins as well, and I will have to pay special attention to the scene you describe. You arealways a joy to listen to, any time of year! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Merry Christmas! to all the family! How I enjoyed playing your CDs to my faith-sharing group this Advent. Today, we’ll finish the last four selections on the Emmanuel CD, then I’ll share the Christmas one that starts with the children singing! Much love, Marilyn