Season 1 – Episode 37

Talented 16-year-old singer/songwriter Heather Faulkner talks about how a hard period in her young life inspired her powerful music.

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“Nothing To Fear”
Words and music by Heather Faulkner


Valentino’s Restaurante
1907 West End Avenue Nashville, TN


Teenage Years: Survive, or Celebrate?


(by Donna Caldwell)

Faulkner was performing at an event for Women In Film & Television in Nashville, when the show’s host, Tajci Cameron, found herself mesmerized by Faulkner’s performance. “Heather’s music moved me deeply,” said Cameron, “Her songs were very powerful, speaking from a very courageous, honest place. Then I found out how young she was! I was very impressed.”

Faulkner has been playing piano since she was eight years old, and soon after she starting writing. At eleven, she got her first guitar and discovered her love for singing.

“Having an outlet to tell my stories and express my emotions and creativity was empowering,” she explains. “I have been able to express myself through my music and influence people in a positive way.”

Her mother has always been her rock and biggest fan, so in support of Heather’s music, she moved the family, from Washington DC to Nashville. This time in Faulkner’s life, which included the divorce of her parents and the move to Music City with her eight siblings, has inspired a great number of songs of new and insightful songs in her growing repertoire.

Even though only 16, Heather has enjoyed performing at numerous VIP events, including the Hollywood Meets Nashville Grammy Party, The Tennessee Waltz hosted by Governor Bill and First Lady Crissy Haslam at the State Capitol, and the Women In Film & Television Nashville Spring Event. She performs every Monday night at Valentino’s in midtown Nashville, in addition to appearances at local venues, such as Antique Archaeology, Drifters and the Fall Heritage Festival in nearby Cowan.

Heather’s Management:
Sharon Dennis Management

Donna Caldwell


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  • Loved this! Heather is beautiful! So great to meet her and admire her courage to follow her dream! It’s wonderful that she has such discipline at 16 to control her life and be so committed to her future! When I was 16, I did not have this much insight into my future! Congrats to her and good luck in the future! Thanks for introducing us to her, Tajci!

  • Heather, great job. It is super to see how you have grown. So happy for you, can totally see the influence of your wonderful family and especially your beautiful mother!