What is life coaching and who is it for? Dez Stephens, founder of Radiant Health Institute, a training coaching program joins us to discuss.

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 4
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Blog: Life Coaching – Who Is It For?
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Dez Stephens is a founder of Radiant Health Institute, a ICF certified training program. In this episode Dez and Tajci talk about how coaching can help us achieve our goals, have better relationships and live a well-rounded healthy lives.

Dez demonstrates a coaching session with Tajci as a client. Nancy Moran and Fett sing an uplifting original “Unconditional Love.”

Dez Stephens on Life Coaching

Excerpt from my HuffPost blog on Life Coaching:

Dez and I talk about how a life coach can help us through life’s challenges, struggles and transformations, and about how life coaches are different than mentors and friends. We do a sample coaching session which gets a little bit personal, and she tells me about the turning point in her life that allowed her to shift into her role as one of the leading coach trainers in central Tennessee. She brought along her friends Nancy Moran and Fett to perform an uplifting song called “Unconditional Love,” and we smile and let our feet and hearts dance to the music.

But my favorite part of our conversation is talking about Dez’s global outreach.

Recently, Dez trained 50 women in Honduras to be life coaches, and is scheduled to train even more in Panama, Puerto Rico, Guatemala and Croatia.

“I visited there three years ago and I noticed that women don’t have opportunity. Hondurans live, on average, on a $1 a day, U.S. So I thought, they could coach online. They could coach tourists. They could coach their communities.”

When Dez returned later to conduct the life coach training, she was encouraged by her efforts to create opportunities for these women, who could now call themselves ‘entrepreneurs’ — something that’s less common for women there than it is in the U.S. She decided to volunteer a portion of her time and expertise each year to train and certify new coaches around the globe.



17:39 – One Word Answers

22:00 – Nancy Moran and Fett perform “Unconditional Love.”

Filmed at “O” Gallery in Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

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