Season 1 – Episode 36

David Hampton, Nashville based, published songwriter and author of “Our Authentic Selves” numbed his struggles with alcohol until a tragic event woke him up.

Post-recovery, David has dedicated his work to changing how people think about brokenness.

“Our Authentic Selves: Reflections on What We Believe & What We Wish We Believed”
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“All That I Desire”
Words and Music by David Hampton and J. Grow
(c) 2013 Fuel Music Group, ASCAP
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I actually remember the moment when I learned the expression ‘withholding the truth.’ I was 21 and a friend explained it to me like this: It’s really not lying, it’s only NOT saying the stuff you don’t want someone to know.

Sometimes, I suppose, it makes sense to not disclose the whole truth – for instance if you know your friend’s spouse is having an affair, you can tell them without needing to go into all the details.

But, as I asked my friend: If you say that you withhold the truth from yourself, isn’t that the same thing as lying to yourself?

More at >>>Being Honest With Yourself

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