Season 1 – Episode 10

They say life is a journey. Are you living your own story or journeying through someone else’s?

I’ve always loved journeys.

I love to physically move through time and places, experiencing people I meet along the way, their cultures and traditions – each different from the previous one.

I also love to journey inward through the fearful, insecure and confused corners of my being and uncover the beautiful parts woven into my soul by its Creator.

But even if you don’t like to travel or are not in a position to; if the idea of soul searching seems a bit daunting, there is still one way that, since the beginning of times has been able to transport people to foreign lands – past and future, even deep into mysteries of human soul. It’s Storytelling.

Whether it’s through literature, music, art, the stories move our hearts and change us.

Recently I visited my good friend Jack Sacco, who left his career as an engineer to be follow his passion to be a storyteller and “help people feel”. Today, he is a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, composer and filmmaker. I had a great chat with him!

More on my blog: Live Your Story


Jack and his work is something you will want to share with your friends!

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Jack’s books:
“Where Birds Never Sing” – the True Story of the 92nd Signal Battalion and the Liberation of Dachau
“Above the Treetops” – The True Story of William Faulkner and Bobby Little, the Son He Never Had

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Have you ever arrived somewhere and wished that the journey wasn’t over just yet? Or read a book so fast because you couldn’t wait to find out how it ends, but as you closed the back cover, felt sadness that it was over?

Have you ever not gone on a trip, or not taken a journey because you were afraid? Or dreaded the complications of something going wrong while you were outside of your comfort zone and the safety of your home?

Share with us your experiences, your stories, your fears, and keep in mind: it’s your life, your story. Be who you are meant to be in it!

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