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Robin Mizaur joins us to share her story of finding peace and happiness after a tragedy. She is a former United States Marine Corps Soldier, a certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Consultant and a Holistic Life Coach specializing in Wellness. Robin is one of the founders of a community dedicated to teach and deliver a daily dose of healthy lifestyle habits.

Season 2 – EP 32

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Peace Without Understanding

Robin brought a green drink to the retreat to share with participants and talked about healthy habits. When we filmed our episode, she came in with two jars of RobinMizaur-PackedWithLovefreshly squeezed green juice with ‘Packed with Love” lids. “Afternoon refreshment,” she said. “It will renew your energy and your cells will thank you.”

Robin is a petite woman. The Marines had to custom-make her boots; in kids’ sizing she wears a 2.”They gave me one pair of boots and they said, they better last you your whole enlistment,” she laughed.

My first thought was, sure, it’s easy for her to switch from chocolate chip muffins to green juice smoothies! It takes tenacity and discipline just like what you need to complete Marine Corps training. <<< read more here


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