Season 1 – Episode 2

Here is the Episode 2 in which I reflect on living a ‘routine’ life, and our inability to make a change that would bring us renewed joy, sense of being fully awaken and authentic to the person we were meant to be.

Getting unstuck and allowing the change within

Some of us are stuck in an unpleasant situation – an unemployment, abusive relationship, unhealthy habits and addictions, and we work very hard to break away, make the needed shift in our heart, soul and mind and summon all the strength we possibly can to make a change. When the unpleasant situation causes enough pain it becomes our greatest motivator and we are willing to make the necessary change to get ‘unstuck’.

But many get stuck in a comfortable situation, which we don’t want to change, or see no reason WHY we should change anything. But deep inside, we have this nagging feeling that we are living only half-awake (which means we are ‘coasting’ – and not growing emotionally, spiritually and intellectually). We know we aren’t happy, despite the perfect image we give out to the world (and post on social media).

In Catholic tradition there is Lent – a season during which we are encouraged to attempt making a change and growing deeper into our spirituality, discovering new depths of our souls. Of course, it only works if ‘the shift’ (giving something up, or doing something extra) is made with an active mindfulness – observing how the change in our behavior affects the change in our hearts, minds and souls.

The song is about living around people who are half-asleep and feeling lonely and unheard. Not good.

Part of the reason I launched these videos is to let you know that there are many of us who feel lonely and unheard in our world. Let’s awaken together, make the change within and be there for each other.

Read more about this subject on my blog: “Getting Unstuck”


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Do you feel you are living your life half-awake? Can you pause and listen to those around you who want to be heard? Can you open up to someone this week?

I would love to see your thoughts on this subject in the comments section…

Please, take an ACTION this week – no matter how small a step – to start awakening and living the life you were meant to live!

Love, Light and Blessings to you!

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