Season 1 – Episode 35

Enjoy Tajci’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes and a Croatian “thank you” song performed by Tajci and her awesome virtual guests.


I’d like to welcome you into my home – my kitchen specifically. It’s warm, equipped with a nice stove (for which I am grateful) and filled with the fragrance of home-made food.

As sharing a meal is a very special occasion, I’ve invited a few dear friends – and my amazing sister Sanya – to share a song with you (as is our Croatian tradition.)

Read more at: Grateful for all that we are, not just the pretty parts.

Recipes posted here.


SANYA MATEYAS, Acress/ Singer, Los Angeles, CA

JACQUES HOUDEK, “The Voice” of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia

TIHOMIR PRERADOVIC, renowned producer/ arranger/ composer, Zagreb Croatia…

SOFIJA CINGULA, opera singer, Varazdin/Pula, Croatia…


Lyrics by Dragutin Domjanovic
Music by Vlaho Paljetak

For every kind word
that you had said to me
For every time you looked at me
for your every smile – thank you

There is a little bit of goodness
one can find in life
It’s only a moment, and then
the clouds cover the sun.

But you have brought
so much sunshine into my heart.
What else can I tell you, but
a simple thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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