Twenty year old fashion blogger Larissa May, realizes the power of transparency and truth and launches a social media movement #HalftheStory

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 2
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Connect with guest MUSICIAN Julia Cole:

Larissa May, a fashion blogger, artist and founder of #HalftheStory social media movement talks about her struggles and solutions to use the social media in a positive way rather than becoming a victim of it.


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2:09 – ” I thought that I had to be someone else. I thought that I had to fit inside a box. ”

3:28 – “Social media is not good or bad. It’s only half the story…”

4:26 – Building your world around social media – during transitioning from high school to college

5:43 – “use social media for the passion… then you find the people”

6:45 – “I just got distracted by trying to be someone that I wasn’t.”

7:58 –  “most people think that vulnerability has to be something depressing. But vulnerability can be something that makes you happy… because other people don’t support it.”

9:38 – New York Fashion Week: “I was running from the Betsey Johnson show…”

10:53 – “I realized this is only half the story and people are misunderstanding art as reality….”

13:21 – “Half The Story allows the story to be about you and not about what you’re doing…”

17:10 – #HalftheStory having an impact on a student in New York who was struggling with an eating disorder..

19:50 –  “#HalfTheStory is a personal statement at first. Also, then it becomes a moment.”

20:20 – What about when people get addicted to the number of likes?

20:53 – Would you say that physical friendships are still as important as social media?

21:52 – Julie Cole performs “Half the Story” Song

Filmed at “O” Gallery in Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

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