I believe we are all created with
the purpose of bringing Love and
Light into our world.

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I performed over 1,000 concerts in "I do Believe" series. These include my faith story, and a triptych of beautiful music-narratives: Emmanuel, Let it Be, and I Thirst.

My albums reflect my spiritual journey - which is quite fun to listen to with that in mind. I invite you to check it out here.
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Videos & TV show

In addition to music videos, live
performances captured on camera, I
host a weekly TV show.

It's broadcast weekly on CatholicTV Network and other TV stations. I interview people about their turning points - those moments in which we go back to joy and purpose.
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Live Events

These days I love to do a combination of music and speaking event. I like how the audience goes from being passive 'spectators' to being activated and engaged.

I also love to travel, so if you'd like a unique keynote musical event, let me know!

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About Tajci

I am a singer/ songwriter and a music performer. I won awards and had two successful music careers - one as a teenage pop superstar in Croatia (then former Yugoslavia), and another as a 'Catholic singer' in the US.

Honestly, I never liked being labeled. When I was 4 years old, I decided I was going to tell stories through music and move hearts. I imagined singing to everyone regardless of their ethnic, cultural or religious background.

I never liked being 'stuck' in an image or a brand either. I dedicated my life to explore how can we be seen and heard as who I are deep within, and live the life we are created for. I even built #wakingUPrevolution project around it.

I believe that we are all a part of one human family, and that we all share the same purpose - to lift each other up with love and compassion.

I am also a published author (read my blog on HufingtonPost, or order my book 'Turning Points" on Amazon.com); certified holistic life coach and creator/ host of TV show Waking Up in America. I live in Nashville with my husband and our three sons.