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About the Show

ACTIVATING CHANGE IN THE WORLD through personal awakening and soulful shifting toward living with purpose


Thank you so much for your interest in “Waking Up in America.”

I created this show driven by a passion to help people rediscover their purpose and make a change from feeling helpless, afraid or miserable to taking charge and choosing to live with joy. As an immigrant (from Croatia) and a musician, I toured America, met and talked to hundreds (possibly thousands) of people. Many brought their amazing life stories to me.

I noticed what was common to all of their stories – the same desire to feel more connected, to be able to let go of pain and fear, and to make a difference in the world through something unique to them that brought them immense joy.

I also noticed that this common desire had two possible outcomes: there were those who wanted to pursue it, but continued to stay in their passive role, numbing their pain and fear or distracting from it, unable to find courage and support; and those who either experienced a turning point (a hard ones like illnesses or ‘soft’ one like getting sick and tired of feeling sick and tired) or created a turning point themselves, ‘woke up’ and made a shift.

I began to feature those stories and interview people of different backgrounds in a form of a TV Show. From the very beginning, CatholicTV Network and NET TV in NYC chose to broadcast it – even though this wasn’t a religious show in nature.

So, here are some main points about “Waking Up in America”


“Waking up in America” is talk show TV series that focuses on WAKING UP and choosing to make a change. 

I interview guests whose turning points moved them into living happier, healthier more purposeful lives.

Some of our previous guests include former NFL running back Tim Worley, New York Times bestseller author Glennon Melton and social entrepreneur and founder of Thistle Farms Rev. Becca Stevens.

All of the stories have one thing in common – when we awaken to who we are (from someone else’s expectation of who we are supposed to be) – we become game changers and influencers. Our life’s focus shifts from ‘me’ to ‘us’ – and that creates a positive (and needed) change in our world.

The show is about 25 min long and consists of several segments: exploring the turning points with the guest, talking about how they are serving their communities now, ’email from viewers’ segment (Season 3), One Word Answers (Season 3) and Music Segment.

Music segment features original music by the guests, their friends, or independent artists – I find that almost everyone has a connection to a song or type of music that helped them through their transformation.


In the first two seasons, we delivered 80 episodes to these TV stations and outlets:
Huffington Post
VrTuo (a Roku Channel)*
CatholicTV Network
CMC Channel in Croatia
Christian Associates TV
Shalom TV

*VrTuo covers over 800K hotel rooms and medical buildings, and growing. Cool, huh? 🙂




I never ask about guest’s religion.

I am interested in why people wake up and change their behavioral patterns. I am interested in what gives them strength to make hard changes.

I actually wanted to get away from religion and do a ‘secular,’ more ‘main stream’ show. BUT… it’s impossible to take one’s spirituality and faith out of people’s stories… and I don’t try to. I don’t censor it either way.**

The beautiful thing is that every one of my guests wants to talk about the spiritual aspect of their transformation. Because that’s where the change of heart happens, and that’s one thing that connects us all.

**(I grew up in communism and don’t do well with censorship. However, I won’t ever promote or support fear, shame, bigotry and hatred.) 



First two seasons were funded by my husband/ producer Matthew and me.

Season 3 is partly funded by monthly contributors at Patreon.com/WakingUP

We are currently looking for sponsoring partners, advertisers and paying networks.



Host/ Creator: Tajci Cameron

Director of Photography: Logen Christopher (Stormlight Pictures)

Editor: Corey Rich

Executive Producer: Matthew Cameron

Location Sponsor and host: O Gallery (Olga Alexeeva)


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  • Amish Farmer Sam Girod from Kentucky is in Jail, probably for life, FDA is putting him away for selling a simple herbal chickweed salve (sold for 16 years) that they call “a drug”. His story should be told as his twelve children were traumatized by the feds holding them at gun point when he was arrested. Many prayers going out to Sam and his family.