In this video I share how I use gratitude to manage fear and pain. AND I share a video recipe for a wonderful (and healthy) radish dish!

Gratitude as a Pathway to Grace

I wanted to include an update on Matthew’s journey in this week’s video diary, but it’s too soon after the latest turn of events. I don’t like to speak for him, and this past week was hard… Before his appointment with oncologist, he had asked for prayers – that God would open up a path to his healing and close the ones that wouldn’t work. So when the doctor told him there was ONE option that could bring healing, Matthew broke down. Not because he felt scared (like I did), but because he realized the prayers had been answered.

It was an amazing experience to be with him through this… We both felt deeply grateful.

This gratitude brought my awareness to the present moment and away from anticipating what’s ahead. I was unusually calm, and reminded how gratitude for what we have right now is a great tool against anxiety and fear of future events – or the unknown and hard that lies ahead.

I guess gratitude is a way to surrender to God and lean into the Grace and Love that brings healing.

So, I made a video about gratitude…

AND in it, I decided to share a video recipe for a wonderful (and healthy) radish dish which we gratefully enjoyed at our dinner table!

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