I was interviewed for the Music City Song Star Song Competition along some amazing songwriters and wanted to share this amazing opportunity with my fans.

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Inspiring Dreams In a Company of Successful Songwriters

When I was a teenager in Croatia (before I got famous) I sang with my Dad’s band. Some of the songs that our summer resort audiences loved the most were country music hits like “Islands in the Stream” and “Country Roads.” They were easy to sing and fun to dance to. My Dad and I loved them too.

Last summer, Blais and I would take these long drives on the beautiful back roads of our county. We would roll down the windows of our minivan, pull back the sunroof and turn the country music radio on ‘loud.’ We loved feeling the warm wind on our faces pretending we were in a pick up truck, with our cowboy boots and hats on. (We don’t own any of that gear, but we are both good at imagining and creating experiences… 😉

It didn’t cross my mind that a year later, I’d be appearing next to the songwriters who wrote some of the songs we heard on the radio during those rides…

Pretty cool, no?

Brian Shun (the bass player in my band) recommended me to the organizers of the Music City Song Star song competition. They interviewed me along those songwriters – as a part of the special content that will be provided to the songwriters who enter the contest.

So, a few days ago, I found myself telling Tom Douglas to write another Country Roads hit song we can all sing at the parties. (Let’s watch it together – if he does, you’ll know who’s responsible 😉

They had Leslie Satcher, Jim Collins (who says “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” might not be the best song ever, but it did buy him a ‘really nice house’), Kelly Archer and Tom Douglas (Tom co-wrote “Grown Men Don’t Cry” for Tim McGraw, was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe award for “Coming Home” song from the ‘Country Strong’ movie; and several Grammy’s for his Top Ten hit songs.)

I was really grateful for the opportunity to share my story and explain what it is that motivates me to keep going and keep writing music – the desire to tell stories that can move – and change hearts… and make our world a little better place.

Enjoy today’s short video diary and the gorgeous setting in Leiper’s Fork… and if you have a song, submit it to MusicCitySongStar.com!

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