In this video diary I share some thoughts on mindful (conscious) breathing and I demonstrate how you can do it anywhere.

Featured in this video: Mike Towle, Author/ Editor/ Publisher

Breathing As a Power Tool

In between kids’ activities and doctor’s visits (Gratefully, Matthew has been feeling a lot better after his second chemo treatment!) I’ve been working on several projects: booking shows for the fall and winter, doing a presentation at my Life Coaching Institute, building a new online course AND working on two amazing book projects 🙂

How do I manage? I BREATHE!

Seriously… pausing to mindfully breathe often during the day is what resets me, connects me, centers me, reminds me of what’s important and what’s not, and reenergizes me.

I’ve been doing breath work for many years – as a singer, learning breathing techniques is essential. I studied Alexander technique that includes breathing at the Music and Drama Academy in NY.

In this video diary, I talk about how I use breath in my spiritual life and how mindful breathing helped me through my panic attacks.

Please feel free to share the video… You’d be amazed how many people don’t know much about the benefits of this amazing gift that we have – our BREATH 🙂

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