Tajci takes her son to a summer program at a college in Savannah, GA and explains how getting out of our usual routines opens up new possibilities. She also notices something really cool about the old town Savannah.

What’s Up With Change?

You know how every time you go on vacation, or even just take a walk around your neighborhood, how it ‘clears your mind’?

In today’s fast paced world, we don’t do this enough.

How could we? Unless you are a kid, or retired, or live in Croatia (which is known for people taking their vacations and their resting time seriously), or on some remote island in the Pacific, you are most likely unable to go on frequent retreats and take long ‘be still’ sessions.

For example, last Friday, I drove back home from Savannah, slept a few hours and then went to set up for a 6 hour long wedding reception I played at. And my week was packed – work, meetings, my husband Matthew’s Leukapheresis and chemo, helping my sons: Evan with getting his learner’s permit, touring another college with Dante, prepping and taking Blais to an interview with an acting agent, and managing all the hundred little things in between.

It was exactly because life is busy, that I came up with a simple 5 step practice that not only ‘clears’ my mind, but also connects me back to what matters. These 5 steps fit within minutes – and often while I’m doing other things – it works amazingly! I’ve used it to set up goals and get things done, I’ve used it to renew my faith and heal, and most recently, I’ve been using it to get through really hard days when Matthew is hurting and the anxiety sets in.

In this short video, I touch on the first three steps: connecting, making a physical shift (could be starting a healthy habit, in this video its changing environments), and making an internal (or mindset) shift. I can’t wait to launch a Quest for you to learn these 5 steps (they are really 5 elements that every lasting transformation contains.)

Until then, enjoy the beautiful footage of Savannah, GA and post a comment below – if you have time of course. 🙂

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