In this short video diary, I take you to my appointment with Dr. Leslie Shew, my guitar lesson with Nashville’s guitarist Mark Godwin, and I share with you my passion for Essential Oils – as I explore ways to feel better and live healthier.

Dr. Shew:
Essential Oils:
Mark Godwin: Watch on YouTube

This week I am sharing pieces from the wealth of good stuffI’ve been learning:

Because once Matthew is healed, he will need to do what the rest of us should be doing already – go big on awareness, education and prevention of all kinds of diseases including cancer!

Here is what’s in today’s diary:

My appointment with Leslie Shew  – a doctor of natural health sciences. She saw Matthew last week and recommended a lot of great ways to help his body fight cancer. I was surprised with what she recommended for me (I’ve been struggling with anemia related to my hormones…) I knew about eating beets and green leafy veggies for iron deficiency, but I was so pleased that “music” was on the list of things that are beneficial for my overall health 🙂

A guitar lesson with Mark Godwin, who will play with me this summer at several fun gigs 🙂 Yes! Music has so many benefits: it helps us release different emotions, singing is great for learning about breath support, listening to music is a form of meditation, dancing is a great exercise and the actual sound vibrations affect our bodies on the cellular level!

Essential Oils: I did a Live Webinar on Essential Oils with my friend Melissa. She is a health and wealth advisor, and she offered some great information behind essential oils, how to use them and which ones to use for particular conditions. If you’d like to check out the replay click here. For example, I don’t go anywhere without a bottle of Lavender – it helps me with stress and anxiety; and we’ve been using Frankincense for Matthew’s cancer… it’s a very potent oil… no wonder it was given as a gift to baby Jesus 🙂

So, sit back, and enjoy the video and let me know if you have any questions about any of this. I’m happy to share what I’m learning with you!

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