Scott Wilcox’s career change was triggered by a middle-school students he was teaching. Encouraged by the feedback from fans and advice from Oprah, Scott is now a music influencer in Wisconsin.

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 5
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In order to make his dreams come true, Scott Wilcox had to let go of something he thought was true his entire life. He grew up believing the well-meaning worries that stops so many musicians before they even start: Music is a hobby. Don’t quit your day job. So he built two successful careers in advertising and in special education until a middle schooler called him out and forced him to face his dream. In today’s episode, find out about a series of turning points (including one that involved Oprah Winfrey) that propelled Scott’s career change – to go from a hobbyist to a professional musician and how he is inspiring others.


When A Career Change Breaks the Glass Ceiling (from the blog)


3:08 – Music is a hobby, don’t quit your day job – where did that come from?

7:40 – How Scott was using his creativity and music as a special ed teacher

8:35 – Middle School Student Calls Scott and Hypocrite

13:24 – Getting on Oprah’s show

16:16 – What would Scott tell someone else in his position – from this new perspective

18:27 – From wanting our own success to lifting up others.

19:30– One Word Answers

20:47 – Email Question from the audience

21:56 – Scott introduces his song

24:35 – Scott sings his original: “Locally Famous (Widely Unknown)”

A Career Change and Advice from Oprah - Scott Wilcox on WUIA

A Career Change and Advice from Oprah - Scott Wilcox on WUIA


Filmed at “O” Gallery in Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

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  • Truly inspirational episode! Love the song “Locally Famous”….I shall root where I am planted. We have the power within us to help others realize that they have value and can make an impact on someone else’s life.