Season 1 – Episode 27

Rev. Valdasia Merrick speaks about her racial healing ministry “Joseph’s Dream” and sings a powerful song.

When I met Valdasia, it was like meeting an old friend I had known in the past. Her beautiful smile and her passion for healing is both disarming and uplifting.

She is a welcoming and gracious soul with whom I love to talk about real and hard subjects – like racial issues. She explained to me the idea behind her foundation, Joseph’s Dream – as well as the story from which it was named. I asked her to do the same for my show “Waking Up In America.”

Three things I loved about growing up in my socialist (communist) country were:

1. Our government-provided housing – cozy and tight, but always with plenty of heat that kept us really happy during the dark and cold winters.

2. Free and excellent education enriched with tremendous support for the arts – especially music education, which was accessible to every kid free of charge.

3. The idea that all people were equal.

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