Season 1 – Episode 34

Tony Bodoh, executive coach talks about his own waking up moment to life he was created to live. |


On a scale of 1-10, how good have you been about following the path you are supposed to follow?

For most Americans the path looks like this:

Get education. Check.
Land a good job. Check.
Get married and start a family. Check. Check.
Attend church every Sunday. Check.
Get a mortgage and buy a house. Check and check.
Schedule annual check ups. Check.
Plan and take yearly vacation. Check and check.

So what if you do all of that and then one day you wake up, and as you brush and floss your teeth, you look at your reflection and realize it’s actually talking back to you: “What are you doing? How long are you going to keep up with the life you think you have to live?”

More at: Are You Following Your Path Or?


“Follow Your Dream”
Performed by Joe Dickey


Tajci’s Wardrobe: The Secret Ingredient


I love to explore this ‘waking up’ moment in the stories of people who are living their dream. Each is so unique, inspiring, full of surprises and testimonies of how, in the end, when we surrender, we come out as winners (it sounds contrary to logic, doesn’t it?).

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