Overcoming Abuse and Finding Freedom (with Kim Belew) - Waking Up In America

Conscious rapper Kim Belew talks about recovery from sexual abuse and addiction.

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 13
Full transcript available here.


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FB: kkbelew
Twitter: @lilkimnky
Instagram: @consciousrapchic


1:48 – Kim’s story through Spoken Word “The Gift”

4:26 – Kim’s story (this is hard, not for small children)

8:00 – turning to substance abuse

10:48 – nurses help Kim heal

15:24 – why do we need to speak about hard and uncomfortable stories

16:20 – One Voice at a Time – to break the silence

16:54 – How the book “The Four Agreements” helped Kim

19:58 – Email from Kelsey from Overland Park, KS

20:24 – “You are enough. You are loved.”

21:57 – One Word Answers

25:28 – “Freedom” by Kim Belew

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Filmed at “O” Gallery in Marathon Village, Nashville, TN

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  • Kim, I was brought to tears by your life’s journey, feeling the pain of your suffering. However, my heart swelled with gratitude and thanksgiving,to God our Savior, for never abandoning you and giving you the love you desperately needed. Your words of poetry convey power and strength. The freedom that you possess is your gift to humanity. Thank you for your selfless desire to make this a better world. May you continue to give hope to the hopeless.