Season 1 – Episode 32

On a bad day in Vietnam, Ron Shuff woke up and decided to give up a lucrative career he was pursuing and instead, follow his heart.

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In this episode Tajci sings 1939 classic “All the Things You Are” accompanied by Rick Jackson – one of excellent and accomplished musicians who teach at Shuff’s Music Store.

While my kids were taking their drum lessons with the excellent percussion teacher John Alvay, I wandered around the piano show room admiring the beautiful antique pianos, stopping to play a few notes on each. I listened to their color, overtones, resonance and the way the strings rang.

A handsome gentleman in a nice, casual jacket and a big smile greeted me and introduced himself to me – it was Ron Shuff himself.

I had imagined Ron to be a kind of a business owner with an imposing frame, loud voice and a cigar in his hand.

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“All the Things You Are”
Music by Jerome Kern
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Filmed at Shuff’s Music and Piano Showroom in Franklin, TN

Tajci’s Wardrobe: The Secret Ingredient

I love to explore this ‘waking up’ moment in the stories of people who are living their dream. Each is so unique, inspiring, full of surprises and testimonies of how, in the end, when we surrender, we come out as winners (it sounds contrary to logic, doesn’t it?).

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