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My music follows my spiritual

Struggles and Graces


The beginning of my spiritual journey was hard. I started writing songs to express my grief, my struggles and my graces.

I recorded this album in my friends' bedroom studio in Los Angeles, CA. Everyone who played on it did it as a favor. Christie Villas from Fresno, CA organized a gathering at which people pre-ordered the cassettes so I can actually have them printed. 

This album is raw, unpolished but disarmingly honest.

Many people said this album brought healing to them. I guess it's from both struggles and graces imprinted into these songs.


Now and Forever


I wrote the liner notes in a form of diary entries - starting with September 23, 1999. It is my then-fiance-now-husband's birthday and I gave him Now and Forever song as a gift.

On December 4, 2000 I write the words of the song Child of Love - "My Daddy walks me down the isle, I see my Mom, she's trying not to cry..."

And on January 7, 2000 I sang Little One - the lullaby I wrote when I found out I was pregnant with our first son Dante.

This is a LOVE album...


A Chance to Dream


In 2007 my sons were ages 7, 5 and 2.

They toured with me, we sang together and listened to a lot of musict. I wanted to record the lullabies I sang to them to preserve that very special time in our lives.

I hear from people who bought this CD that it comforts and calms their babies down. And not just babies but grown ups too. I sang one of the songs to my father in the days before his passing. It was a very sacred moment.

The arrangements by Denny Bouchard are gorgeous and soothing to my soul.


Need a Break


Then, the kids got a bit bigger, and I needed a break...

I was exhausted from the years of taking care of them, performing and touring non-stop, and loosing my Dad to cancer.

I wasn't able to write much during those years. I struggled with depression and anxiety. But the songs I put on this album came once again from a raw and honest place.

I recorded this album in Cincinnati with famous Dutch engineer Erwin Musper (whose name you can find on many 80s heavy metal bands :)

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During my marriage crisis, I started writing a lot again.

Pain is a great trigger of awakening. And one of first signs that this awakening is really happening is creativity. It's soul's way to practice creating a way out of misery and back into joy.

It took me several years to record Awaken... I wrote many of the songs in 2010-11. Matthew gave me a gift of Kickstarter (crowdfunding campaign) for Christmas 2011 and in the summer of 2012 I went to New York City to start recording with Dragan "Chach" Cacinovic. I was back in NYC, in a wonderful studio on Times Square, playing with great, great musicians. I WAS awaken!


Sacred Music Tryptich



Emmanuel - the Story of Christmas was the first in the three music-narrative pieces I created in the period between 2002-2004.

Johnny Baalang booked us for a Filipino Christmas celebration and wanted something special. My sister Sanya and I collaborated on it. We wrote the songs together and sang them together. It was the best Christmas gift ever!

After our first performance I knew this was a powerful format that satisfied my artistic desire to tell stories through music and move hearts. 


I Thirst


I performed over 400 of I Thirst Concerts... It never got easier to sing Eli, Eli Lama Sabachtani or Silently. 

Of all of my work, I Thirst is a piece I'm very proud of. Denny Bouchard and I worked on the arrangements - and over the years we perfected them - every note had a reason to be there. It was such an exquisite honor to perform this with him, my sister and numerous young artists over the years.

This piece was broadcast on every major Christian station in the USA. It has moved millions of people and healed many hearts.

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Let It Be - LIVE


I put Let It Be - Mary's Story together for a performance at a conference in Anacortes, WA.

Evan was a tiny infant and we traveled in our RV. It was somewhere between Los Angeles and WA state that I finished all the songs and arrangements.

About an hour before the performance, I played Stabat Mater for Matthew. I remember him being visibly moved.

My friend, Grammy Winning Producer/ Engineer Tom Weir recorded this live performance with Thomas Burich on cello.


These three albums are also available on DVD
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