Brett Swayn had been homeless, broken ‘by his brokenness,’ and had himself felt utter desolation. He knows what a miracle feels like. In this episode we talk about how his turning point shifted him from chasing a dream to satisfy the person he thought he was, and into a much more purposeful life of helping others and providing healing in their lives.

Season 3 – EP 1

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Filmed at O Gallery in Marathon Village, Nashville

Check out the highlights

03:00 – Brett talks about his growing up in Australia
05:33 – Getting stuck in chasing a dream of a person Brett thought he was
06:54 – the dream collapses
07:34 – becoming a ‘monster’
08:18 – ‘[the Bible] literally reading me as I’m reading it’
09:30 – experiencing ‘utter desolation’ before the miracle happens
13:34 – arriving to Nashville and becoming homeless
14:56 – ‘why do you worry about little things?”

17:33 – talking to Devin, one of the formerly homeless guys from The Cookery

20:34 – One Word Answers

22:32 – Brett sings his song “Move”

Connect with Brett and The Cookery – Where Lives of the Homeless Are Restored

FB: TheCookeryNashville


Prayer Tags at The Cookery, Nashville TN where homeless learn culinary skills.
Prayer Tags at the Cookery in Nashville




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  • Brett I love your spirit in life an always have. I’m an old friend from over ten years ago been looking for you. Been telling my husband about you. I have come so far in life from who I was in life. Love ya please get back with me please.