Waking Up from an Addiction (feat. Alexander "Stopp" Roberts) - Waking Up In America

Alexander “Stopp” Roberts is a young musician and songwriter who talks about his drug addiction and recovery.

“Waking Up in America” Season 3 – EP 8
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How Depression of a Ten Year Old Turned Into an Addiction

As a kid, Alex dreamed of becoming a pilot. He was fascinated by the idea of being “free enough to fly through the air,” as he says at the beginning of our interview.

Alex moved from Philadelphia to the suburbs and never managed to fit in. He was a target of a lot of bullying, became depressed and withdrew into himself. His only outlet was creativity – imagination and drawing. But he got chastised by his teachers for it and told he had the ‘worst case of ADHD’ a teacher had ever seen.

Alex tried to tell his parents, but at 10 or 11 years old, Alex didn’t know how to express it. He just wanted to die.
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2:52 – Who Alex was before the world told him who he should be.

5:50 – At 10 or 11, Alex became suicidal.

7:18 – Alex’ advice to parents of young children.

12:12 – How the addiction progressed until Alex hit the bottom.

15:35 – Process of recovery.

18:18 – Email Question from a viewer from Cincinnati

18:58 – Email Question from Rob from Virginia.

19:39 – One Word Answers

22:39 – Alex performs “The Aftermath of Me”

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